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The official web site of  Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club on this our Golden Jubilee Season. The club was formed in 1966. This site will bring you all our news, fixtures and information on our Golden Jubilee Year. Click Here for Results and Reports from 2016 and here for a full results digest of the season

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Latest News

Images from the Golden Jubilee celebrations

HAWKS held a number of events to celebrate their Golden Jubilee and welcomed back ex-riders for some action, many of whom showed they still had the ability such as Dave Martin and Ben Collins. Earlier a junior event saw age group victories for Dan Knights (Under-19) Harrison Bacon (Under-16) Giles Awbery (Under-13) Leo Mallett (Under-10) and Lewis Fierro (Under-8) in his first competitive match.

Proceedings ended with the Breckland Autos Charity Cup which went to the wire with Ash Hill of Ipswich just completing his maximum on the line in heat 18 against runner-up team mate Richie Fellgett. Hethersett's Dan Chambers completed the podium places with 18 points.

Results for the Day:

GOLDEN JUBILEE JUNIOR U19 - 1 Dan Knights (Ipswich) 19, 2 Richie Fellgett (Ipswich) 18, 3 Olivia Nicholas    (Hethersett) 11, 4 Katie Adams (Hethersett)  7

U16 - 1 Harrison Bacon (Ipswich) 17, 2 Owen Wells (Hethersett) 14

U13- 1 Giles Awbery (Hethersett) 18

U10 - 1 Leo Mallett (Hethersett) 24

U8 - 1 Lewis Fierro (Hethersett) 12

Referee - Olly Buxton


TEAM D  57 - Ben Collins 15 Dave Martin 15 Leigh Cossey 14 Dan Buitler 13
TEAM B  46 - Richie Fellgett 16 Olly Buxton 12 Simon Whiting 11 Steve Perkins 7
TEAM C  42 - Owen Wells 11 Tim Grimes 11 Dave Chambers 10 Glyn Morgan 10
TEAM A  38 - Dan Knights 15 Lee Hulcoop 9 Mel Perkins 7 Olivia Nicholas 7
TEAM E  37 - Richie Williamson 11 Tiffany Collins 9 Carly Cameron 9 Grahm Ringer 8

Referee - Kevin Wells

BRECKLAND AUTOS CHARTITY CUP - Ash Hill (Ipswich) 20, Richie Fellgett (Ipswich) 19, Dan Chambers (Hethersett) 18, Olly Buxton (Hethersett) 17, Leigh Cossey (Hethersett) 14, Richie Williamson (Gt Blakenham) 14, Dan Knights (Ipswich) 13, Harrison Bacon (Ipswich) 13, Dan Butler (Hethersett) 12, Owen Wells (Hethersett) 11, Lee Hulcoop (Hethersett) 10, Leon Mower (Ipswich) 10, Carly Cameron (Hethersett) 8, Katie Adams (Hethersett) 7, Olivia Nicholas (Hethersett) 6, Michael Jones (Norwich) 4.


Hethersett Hawks took on some of the top riders in Europe and reached the semi-finals of the European Club Championships. 

Facing top riders in Poland, five Hawks riders gave a good account of themselves with eight matches in three days. 

It was the first time that Hawks have ridden as a club outside of the United Kingdom and they started very much as underdogs against a mixture of continental sides and top UK teams including Wednesfield, Ipswich and Birmingham. 

Hawks notched a first and second place in their four qualifying rounds which was good enough to see them into the quarter-finals where they were placed third. The action continued as they came second in a quarter-final reperchage with Dan Chambers winning a tense race off to see Hawks through to the semi-finals and then a consolation final, in both of which they came fourth. It meant that Hawks finished in eighth place overall. 

Club secretary and founder Mel Perkins, who accompanied the team of Leigh Cossey, Dan Chambers, Harley Hamill, Dan Butler and Josh Herring said: I am so proud of this amazing squad. By the end the riders were dead on their feet and walking wounded heroes. It was certainly an amazing weekend. 

Results involving Hethersett Hawks were as follows:

Qualifying Round - Ostrow 59, Wednesfield 43, Hethersett 32 (Chambers 10, Cossey 7, Butler 6, Hamill 6, Herring 3), Zelona Gora 25.

Qualifying Round - Kately 59, Mikilov 42, Hethersett 37 (Chambers 13, Cossey 9, Butler 8, Hamill 7), Katowice 16.

Qualifying Round  - Hethersett 43 (Cossey 13, Chambers 13, Hamill 9, Butler 6, Herring 2), Zoldova 42, Mikolov 41, Zelona Gora 33.

Qualifying Round  - Milikov 43, Hethersett 42 (Chambers 13, Cossey 10, Butler 10, Hamill 6, Herring 3), Zoldova 40, Zelona Gora 34.

Quarter-Finals - Czestochowa 51, Swietocholwice 50, Hethersett 29 (Chambers 10, Cossey 8, Hammill 6, Butler 5), Birmingham Select 26.

Quarter Final Repechage - Wednesfield 54, Hethersett 38 (Chambers 12, Hamill 9, Cossey 9, Butler 8), Kalety 38, Mikolov 23. Dan Chambers won race off to put Hethersett in semi-finals.

Semi Final: Czestochowa 52, Torun 40, Ipswich 38, Hethersett 31 (Chambers 10, Butler 8, Cossey 8, Hamill 5).

Consolation Final: Wednesfield 48, Swietochlowice 46, Ipswich 41, Hethersett 21 (Butler 6, Chambers 6, Cossey 5, Hamill 4)

Dan Chambers led the way for Hawks with a weekend total of 87 points with Leigh Cossey scoring 69.




1 P.M.     


Priority entry given to all full and club night members Under-19 on 1st January 2016 - Special categories for U16s, U13s, U10s and U8s 

2.30 P.M. 

GOLDEN JUBILEE HAWKS TEAMS OF THE DECADES - A Handicap Fours Event for the Ian Hulcoop Memorial Trophy. Teams Representing the 60s, 70s, 80s 90s and 00s are needed. A minimum of four riders per team but no limit on number of substitutes. 

4 P.M.

BRECKLAND AUTOS HETHERSETT CHARITY CUP - Priority entry given to all full club members aged 19 and over on 1st January 2016.  

7 P.M.

SOCIAL EVENING AT HETHERSETT SOCIAL CLUB- Numbers are limited so please confirm if you wish to attend. 

If you want to take part in any of the events and / or attend the Social Evening then please get in touch with Mel by 30th April so we can make the final plans. Either call on 01603 811304, text on 07767 795184 or e-mail to babylon5sp@aol.com



Hawk Talk 


The 2016 editions of our Hawk Talk newsletter are online and can be accessed by clicking here. Archive Hawk Talks are also available.



Club founder and secretary Mel Perkins has been hard at work on the club statistics. He had put together grids for all riders and their points for the years from 1991 to 2012. To view these just click on the links below


Statistics 1991 to 2012

Full Rider Statistics 1991 to 2012


Archive Section

News, reports and records of previous seasons can be found in our special archive section which is available by clicking here.

Go Ride Status Achieved


Hawks hold the coveted GO-RIDE status by British Cycling. Now the club is working for the next grade which is Clubmark. 


Club Contact - Mel Perkins MBE - 9 Meadow Close, Hethersett, NR9 3DZ: Tel 01603 811304 or Mobile 07767 795 184. Mel can be e-mailed by clicking here


Club Contact - Mel Perkins MBE - 9 Meadow Close, Hethersett, NR9 3DZ: Tel 01603 811304 or Mobile 07767 795 184. Mel can be e-mailed by clicking here


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