Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club

About Us

Hethersett Hawks Cycle Speedway Club is an online community dedicated to all cyclists, cycling lovers, and enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and all around the world. This site is run by professional cyclists who wish to impart their knowledge about cycling to all interested individuals.

The club was founded in 2003 and has continued to play in various club championships and cycling events and competitions. In 2017, they have decided to establish a digital platform that will bring cycling enthusiasts into one community.

Apart from the updates about league standings and cycling events, we created this website to share knowledge about the world of cycling. We provide a guide to choosing the best bike for you. We also offer content that will be helpful in improving your skills, tactics, and etiquette in bike racing. Moreover, we will help you learn how to provide care and maintenance for your bike. But most especially, we want you to enjoy cycling the way it should be. Cycling is not just any fun activity, it offers great health benefits. Through cycling, we can enjoy a longer life.

If you wish to be updated about everything related to cycling, just visit our page. Our club is also accredited by HSBC UK British Cycling.


Enjoy your trail!