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How to Provide Basic Care and Maintenance for Bikes

Before you buy your own bike, it is important that you are also knowledgeable of how to take care and maintain your bike. Like any other vehicles, your bike won’t work properly without proper maintenance. Also, it helps you have a safe ride.

Inspect ABC

The very first thing to do before you go for a ride is to inspect the ABC – Air, Brakes, and Chain. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Check the sidewall of the tire to know the tire pressure. Also, check if the levers and axles are properly tightened. If you opt for a long ride, bring a patch kit and pump with you in case of emergencies.

For the brakes, squeeze both the front and rear brakes to know if they are functional. Also, check if your chains are properly cleaned and lubricated. For bikes with gear shifters, test if the chain smoothly transitions during gear changes.


Secure Nuts and Bolts

Before you ride, check if your nuts and bolts are properly tightened through an Allen key. Loose bolts and nuts may cause poor performance in your bike or may lead to accidents. Check the nuts and bolts on your head stem, saddle, seat post, rear rack, and saddles, among others.


Clean Bike

Of course, ride clean. It is important that you get rid of mud, oil, grit and other forms of dirt from your bike so it can perform well.

Basic bike cleaning needs brushes of several sizes, soap or specialized bike cleaners, clean rags and most especially, water. Gently brush off dirt from your chains. You can use a degreaser to get rid of grime and grease in your chain. Also, brush the bike frame and other parts. Dry it with the use of clean rag. Avoid water from accumulating in various parts of the bike as it may develop into rusts.


Lubricate Parts

After cleaning your bike, properly lubricate the chains with bicycle-specific lube oils. This will help in extending the life of your drivetrain. There are two types of lube: dry and wet lubes which are used in specific environments.

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